‘Strawberry Dream’

The inspiration behind this colored 9 X 12 sketch was one of my favorite docile Pratt cats, Thomas.

Napping upon a sweet junior’s canvas bag without a care.

Beginning sketch:

The Chinese version of the title, ‘Strawberry Dream,’ is ‘Cao Mei Meng.’


I decided to use Studio colored pencils to enhance his detailed fur and create more stylized color.

Dreamy surrealism colors

What I decided to construct next was the illuminating backdrop. I chose to make it primarily a galaxy sky, inspired by Tanya Shatseva’s colorful galaxy mini acrylic paintings.

(Original vs Edited version side by side comparison)

Completed version: backdrop of a descending staircase and deconstructed version of a palace.

Thanks for viewing and may all be well with thee!

~Xi Wen Chen

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