Origins of ‘The Weaving Owl’

Although I am of direct Chinese origins, my experiences have differed from my immigrant parents vastly, due to the fact that I was born, lived in, and now am attending college in Northeast United States. Yes, not everyone in America is blonde and blue eyes (movies/misleading stats will have you thinking otherwise).watashi


Beginning early childhood I’ve been inspired by mythological stories, nature, and literature.


These forms of inspiration have become permanently woven into my artwork, whether it is a unique macrame necklace or an oil painting.

locketedit nymph                                                                                                  Traveling, whether its in the the gardens of the Palace of Versailles or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has also played a factor.

I was encouraged by my family to pursue my creative interests through countless museum trips and art lessons.



(Don’t ever listen to your parents when they tell ya you can’t draw everything in your path. Anything’s possible. Especially when the world’s falling apart.)

(Also, it’d be helpful to remember your sketchbook so you won’t have to settle for lined paper or napkin canvas)



I refuse to discriminate (refuse to sell/endorse) to a potential customer due to their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. When it comes to commissions, I will make the final decision as to whether I will accept it with firm resolve or politely decline. Religious scenes fall into the grey area of what I am willing to depict and sign my name on.

IMG_2355 IMG_2338IMG_2354

Life is a dollhouse, rewound for the world to view/critique. Why bother caving into their incessant demands?


If the composition on trial is an innocent scene: a priest choosing to offer food for free to starving people or churchgoers deciding to plant a community garden together, it is acceptable.

(above:some appropriate classics that I consent to painting, using similar style, subject forms, and composition)

Should I receive a request to sketch horrifying acts such as: crucification, incest, dismemberment, hate crimes, I will decline and send a polite, lengthy email explaining my reasons. I am an ethnic minority in America. If I am advocating for equal rights and immigration, I cannot contradict this in my publicized works of art and design, no matter the form.

Now that the basic blueprints have been covered, I’ll reveal some fun facts about me are:

  1. I’m no drama queen when it comes to bees (they’re part of the environment, they do jobs we reject, and are here to stay)
  2. I may be an introverted old soul, but that doesn’t mean I am shy/antisocial. It just takes me a bit longer to warm up to a new friend, but if you happen to be a fan of Teen Wolf/The Originals/satire/ dignity/ethics/ diversity, we’ll get on just fine.
  3. Unlike most Asian people, I have a sharp sugar craving that haunts me daily, much like a sober person. But since I wish to continue looking as though I was on the front cover of Seventeen or MTV Weekly, I take about a half hour a day of my time to jog around my community, both to freshen up my spirit and see the world for what it really is. I also limit myself to two sweets per day. The struggle for fitness and nutrition is indeed real.
  4. I am a confessed insomnic/night owl. I got no energy in the mornings since my nights are filled with me digitally illustrating logos, painting, laughing at politicians’ expense, and worrying about the fate of ‘Land of the Free.’ Should I be concerned about facing possible deportation when I’m a ‘native born’ Asian American?
  5. I was shy about taking/posting selfies until recently, when I made a hairstyle/ wardrobe/cosmetics change. Even now I don’t post too many or I’d be seen as conceited and shallow. Not desirable qualities in an artist, aspiring writer, or a human being.
  6. I am bilingual:I can speak English, two dialects of Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), some Japanese (to show off a bit), and a hint of French. Speaking of cultures…
  7. While I have visited at least twenty other states other than my own, I’ve also had the courage to venture outside the secluded USA and into Canada, Italy, Holland, France, Spain, China, and Taiwan. I just might be more qualified for governor/foreign ambassador than Sarah Palin. No translator required for Chinese speaking countries.
  8. I’m pro-LGBT. This may stem a bit from China’s past acceptance of same-sex couples, but I find these relationships to be the norm, it’s visible in virtually every species. For chimpanzees, insects, dolphins, giraffes, dragons, etc. it’s not a huge deal. It is the same for transgender people. Italy has created a ‘neutral’ gender long before the USA could even begin the debate for bathroom rights. Hawaiian natives believed for thousands of years that not only were transgenders a respectable member of their community, but that they were auspicious symbols for the tribes.
  9. When it comes to abortion rights, enough with the political horse and morality bullshit. It’s a woman’s choice as to what she wants to do with her OWN body, whether it’s be sterilized at age 28, or have 6 kids. If we honestly valued human life above all else, we’d use the never ending patronizing voices over pro-life/pro-choice for limiting gun ownership/possession.
  10. I find it shocking that despite everytime ‘Breaking News (I call it ‘Breaking Hope’)’ involves some sort of deadly, precise weaponry such as firearms, politicans never address the issue:it is simply too easy/quick to take possession of a gun in America, whether legally or through shady terms. I understand that it’s practical to keep one or two pistols in the house in case of a burglar, but research reveals that the majority of the time a child/adult is more likely to hurt themselves or others with a gun in the house than it does to offer protection. Because of stricter gun control (only authority figures, people who aren’t mentally disturbed/have criminal background can carry/use them) in countries such as Germany, Australia, and Japan, they see only a few gun-related fatalities in their local areas whereas in the USA, it is the leading cause of death over terrorism (over 500,000 per year die due to gun usage).
  11. I enjoy walking barefoot around my garden. It’s so refreshing and feels natural.
  12. I’m clinging to my childish soul, running through as many working lawn sprinklers as possible.
  13. When comparing Grimm Fairy Tales with Disney’s child-friendly storylines I prefer the brutal, gruesome truths. I started reading both Grimm Brothers’ collections and Hans Christian Anderson’s original stories when I was about 10, and no, I do not have the urge to commit frenzied murder with an axe or trade my legs for a mermaid tail. Compared to stories/tv shows of the past, Scooby-Doo and Pokemon are pretty tame for young viewers.
  14. While I do keep up with politics and collect mythological stories, I’m equally intrigued by stories ‘inspired by true crime.’ I deeply admire the works of former Washington D.C. prosecutor Allison Leotta including ‘The Last Good Girl’, Poe’s works, and Stephen King’s ‘Everything’s Eventual’ series. I’ve learned a bit more about how I can lower my chances of becoming a victim of sexual/domestic abuse through this realistic works.
  15. I enjoy tuning into comedian/Daily Show host, Trevor Noah,’s talks, because you know that your government’s a joke when a civilian’s words sound far more credible, than, let’s just say, a formal briefing focusing on terrorism.
  16. As much as I love/respect my grandparents, I am so NOT endorsing/recommending them for presidency/governing. One, they’re Canadian citizens. Two, their proposed policies are a nightmare to any unfortunate sucker under the age of fifty. First, teens must report home by seven EVERY day (even on the weekends) and be in bed by ten. (I can wreck my own sleeping habits, thank you). We’d also be forced to pick vegetables in the blazing sun when it can wait until early evening, and we’d not be allowed any high quality ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Descendants’ since it’s ‘far too violent for our minds.’ Never vote for someone whose policies you cannot agree with, or, if every time they speak, sound like a pro-fascist reincarnate of Hitler.
  17. Halloween is my fav holiday. I dress up depending on which way the wind blows.
  18. My taste in music ranges from Black Veil Brides and Ten Thousand Moons to Melanie Martinez, Girls’ Generation (K-Pop staple), and Japanese string music. It all impacts me in some shape or form.
  19. Personality is either a confirmation or a dealbreaker when it comes to personal relationships. Looks last a few decades. Compassion, creativity, and generosity will outlive several lifetimes.
  20. I adore small children, older children, and cute fluffy canines, whether they’re standoffish wolfdogs, mischevious foxes, or yappy yorkies. I guess part of the guardian instinct in me comes from being the oldest sibling, oldest cousin, but one of the youngest in my graduating class.
  21. While I am a good listener and advice giver, I am not certified to be ‘Suicide Hotline.’ If you have any degree of depression, anxiety, or syndrome impacting your happiness, relationships, and daily life you need to find a professional who can grant you the help you deserve.
  22. I’ve buried this little fact about me at the bottom of this list for a reason:I would like you the reader to know that I’m Wiccan. Not a witch. I believe and practice herbalism, fortune divination, nature/animal magic, stone healing, and meditation. I do not sacrifice animals/people, vandalize personal/private property, or parade around town covered in green warty makeup and wearing a black pointy hat.                    I am not ‘Satan’s pawn’, because I do not worship the church. I doubt that anything, living or not, is completely light. Dark and light are powerful forces; I choose to work in the in between. Intent is what really matters. Are you attempting to punish your phony lab partner who took all the credit for the ‘group’ report that you were stuck with alone, or do you feel like meddling with an Ouija board?                       I myself have had some contact with spirits, and they’re intimidating enough without intentionally dragging them to your house for teatime. Rule of thumb: Do not play with powers you yourself cannot fully understand/care to educate yourself. Meditation isn’t meant for everyone, since it involves surrendering your soul to the elements around you, in order to better interpret messages from the earth, your peers, etc. etc. It’s up to you as to where you feel safe enough to let your guard down to that degree.
  23. Karma exists; every action you choose to take will have consequences, whether blessings or bad mojo. If you choose to take part in the craft, do so at your own risk. Or stock up on Wicca Insurance. “An’ ye harm none, then do what ye will.”