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‘Story behind the Nymph of Petal Tears’

edit nymph

First order of business: I’d like to thank you for clicking on this image; it proves that you aren’t sick of viewing this original surreal acrylic painting….yet. I figured that with all the available space on this personal website, I might as well get personal with my art in a positive manner. I am constantly being inspired by music, whether as a lullaby soothing me as I brew my tea in the looong morning hours, or awakening the artistic side of my brain while painting/typing this. I usually choose one or two emotionally connecting songs to listen to on loop mode. It brings out the raw elements of the lyrics and soundtrack.

I made the falling flower petals a tasteful substitute for the imagery of tears and blood, since that is a main detail in the Chinese song: ‘Painting Face (花心).’ The song focuses upon two close sisters who set fire to their former friendship when they realize that both of them have fallen in love with the same man. I interpret the haunting song as the two of them reminiscing over all they have lost in the name of jealousy, betrayal, spite, lust, and revenge. Was it all worth it? Wrecking years of friendship/sismance for a taste of love?

Here are the lyrics, credited to  http://echowillow.livejournal.com/18834.html?mode=reply . I made a few edits as I saw appropriate, no copyright infrigment intended. Please make your own judgements/ideas about the ballard’s message.

画心/huà xīn/Painting heart

作曲(Composter):      藤原育郎/Ikurou Fujiwara

作词(Lyricist):            陈少琪/ Keith Chen

歌手(Singer):           张靓颖/Zhang Liang Ying

kàn bú chuān shì nǐ shī luò de hún pò

Oblivious to your distracted, aloof soul,  


cāi bú tòu shì nǐ tóng kǒng de yán sè,

Ignorant to the fact that it was in the colour of your pupils,

一阵风, 一场梦

yī zhèn fēng , yī chǎng mèng

One gust of wind; one waking dream,  

爱如生命般莫测  (爱是生命的莫测)

ài rú shēng mìng bān mò cè  (ài shì shēng mìng de mò cè)

Love, like life, ever so full of mysteries  (Love is life’s deepest mysteries).


nǐ de xīn,  dào dǐ bèi shí me gǔ huò?

Your heart, what has bewitched it so?


nǐ de lún kuò zài hēi yè zhī zhōng yān méi

Your outline fades before vanishing into the dark, unforgiving night.


kàn táo huā,  kāi chū zěn yàng de jié guǒ

Examining the peach blossoms, what results will occur?


kàn zhe nǐ bào zhe wǒ

I watch you embrace me, 

目光似月色寂寞  (目光比月色寂寞)

mù guāng sì yuè sè jì mò  (mù guāng bǐ yuè sè jì mò)

With eyes as lonely as the moonlight,  (With eyes lonelier than Chang’E)


jiù ràng nǐ  zài bié rén huái lǐ kuài lè

It’s time to let you go; seek happiness in the arms of another.

爱着你, 像心跳难触摸。

ài zhe nǐ  xiàng xīn tiào nán chù mō。

Loving you has become intangible like a heartbeat.  

画着你 ,画不出你的骨骼。

huà zhe nǐ , huà bú chū nǐ de gǔ gé。

I’m unable to construct your skeleton as I paint you.

记着你的脸色, 是我等你的执着。

jì zhe nǐ de liǎn sè , shì wǒ děng nǐ de zhí zhuo。

To remember your expression is my stubborn way of wishing for your return.

你是我 一首唱不完的歌。

nǐ shì wǒ  yī shǒu chàng bú wán de gē。

You are my endless song,


nǐ de lún kuò zài hēi yè zhī zhōng ,yān méi。

But your defined silhouette still fades into the dark, lonely night.


kàn táo huā,  kāi chū zěn yàng de jié guǒ?

Watch the fluttering peach blossoms, what fruits will they bear?


kàn zhe nǐ ,bào zhe wǒ,

I watch you embrace me,    


mù guāng bǐ yuè sè jì mò,

With eyes lonelier than the solemn moonlight.

就让你, 在别人怀里快乐,

jiù ràng nǐ  ,zài bié rén huái lǐ kuài lè,

It’s time to let you seek happiness , in the arms of another,

爱着你, 像心跳难触摸。

ài zhe nǐ , xiàng xīn tiào nán chù mō。

My love for you, is throbbing within my heartbeat.    

画着你, 画不出你的骨骼。

huà zhe nǐ , huà bú chū nǐ de gǔ gé。

I’m unable to create your skeleton, as I paint you

记着你的脸色, 是我等你的执着

jì zhe nǐ ,de liǎn sè,  shì wǒ děng nǐ de zhí zhuo。

To remember your expression, is my stubborn way of waiting for you.   

我的心, 只愿为你而割舍。

wǒ de xīn,  zhī yuàn wéi nǐ ér gē shě。

My heart sheds, only for you.


If this song doesn’t make you shed a tear, then you’re either a pragmatic or a psychopath. Pick one.

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谢谢/Thank you.