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It’s Raining Frogs In Taiwan

What made this oil-acrylic painting unique isn’t just the blend of mediums, but the wood panel I chose to make this illustration on. It isn’t a large composition (8 in X 10 in), but does not lack immense details.

Reference photo for main detail: the backdrop
I painted the backdrop with some specific colors like radiant pink medium and ochre.


adding smaller details:the umbrella, temple, etc.


grouped version of the process pix
Completed version of the oil-acrylic painting.

Thanks for viewing; may all be well with thee.

~Xi Wen Chen

‘Royale Mischief’


‘Royale Mischief’ is inspired by Victorian era paintings of pampered dogs portrayed in mansions. I decided to use oil paint to create the vivid textures in the coat and and furniture.

fb 4        The fur coat is a mass of lightly blended colors, it was fun to experiment with vibrant and subtle hues. Creating the torso and proportions was quite difficult, since this pooch isn’t standing or sitting still.

fb 0fb-1.jpeg  For the first two layers, I was at a lost as to what to do with the background; I first painted it green since grass was the backdrop in my French bulldog reference photo:

Photo credit to The Denver Post (Westminster Kennel Club)

fb 5        I am rather satisfied with the end results: I enjoyed painting the facial expression and implying the backdrop. I believe that a mix of cadmium red and Indian red Gamblin oils was a suitable choice sicne it helped define the curves and edges of the pup.

I’ll be posting a varnish video of it the minute this painting is completely dry. Blessed be your weekend!

~Xi Wen Chen